We raised another $12,600 for MSF!

Over the summer, we visited the Canadian Head Office of Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) to deliver the $12,600 we raised from the Music Without Borders 2019 campaign. 

Once again, we proved that youth can affect change through the arts as more than 60 student volunteers from many different schools across the Greater Toronto Area and Cambridge, Massachusetts contributed as performers, organizers and promoters to the 2019 campaign. This collaborative effort drew the support of more than 350 friends and families, teachers and mentors to the 2019 Music Without Borders Gala Concert. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported us! In addition to funding MSF's medical and humanitarian work around the world, your support has strengthened our belief in the value of humanitarianism and encouraged all of us to continue in the path of service.


Visions of Humanitarianism

— by Emily Han

— by Emily Han

— by Joyce Chen

— by Joyce Chen

What do you think it means to be a humanitarian? What qualities do humanitarians have?

Lets explore these questions through original works of art! Email your submissions to info@musicwithoutborder.com.

The Humanitarian — A poem

Courtesy of the  Met Collection  and their Open Access Policy

Courtesy of the Met Collection and their Open Access Policy

Most shun my appearance.

“The lowly type,” they say.

But I am much more than my humble stance relays. 

I strive to make each of my actions help my fellow friends in need.

These friends may be from countries far away,

Or neighbours across the street. 

Whatever it is that they seek,

I gather my community together to give them what they need. 

It’s hard to find people to work together for causes such as these.

The excuses are plenty,

And various indeed. 

The common ones are simple, 

Like business or greed.

We don’t like giving,

But expect the world to give us all we need. 

We should instead,

Stop a moment to think about the world.

Of how there’s children with no water,

To whom food and shelter are a rarity.

We must come together 

And leave our busy schedules behind.

For just a few moments,

We should put our thoughts on issues much greater than our own.

You may be of those who ignore me,

Who disregard the value in my words.

But let me just remind you of things you already know.

The world is full of disaster and those who are in need. 

So take a moment and reflect on all your deeds. 

No need to worry, 

there’s plenty of time to change your ignorant habits.

It all starts with a thought,

And then the positive changes will happen. 

— by Nora Popescu

And the final total is $15,500!

Thank you to all our volunteers, performers, sponsors, mentors, principals, teachers, friends and family for supporting the Music Without Borders 2017 Campaign! With your help, we raised over $15,500 for the worldwide humanitarian work of Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders!

Highlights of the Music Without Borders 2017 Gala Concert

Classical Music

Jazz and Pop



Artistic Submission: What does humanitarianism look like?

The problems of a country are obstacles for the whole of humanity. The volcano is representing the outpouring of challenges in our society. The ring of people represents all the humanitarians, protecting the earth with all their might. These five people are not only depicted in the form of balls of fire—to represent the passion for service—but also represent the five continents of the world—which symbolizes unity in diversity of all mankind.

— Kiana R.

Give generously!

Courtesy of the  Met Collection  and their Open Access Policy

Courtesy of the Met Collection and their Open Access Policy

Music has the power to open our heart and mind. The Music Without Borders Gala Concert is our invitation for you to open your heart and mind: a few weeks ago, the United Nations declared that the world is facing the worst humanitarian crisis since its creation. With what other than the generosity of our human spirit can we meet this challenge? Give generously—through donating, coming to the concert, or both—to support the global humanitarian efforts of MSF! 

Introducing Mr. Grant Assenheimer!

At tonight's concert, we will being having a conversation with the Deputy Executive Director of MSF Canada, Mr. Grant Assenheimer, P. Eng.

From small town Alberta, Grant Assenheimer is essentially a farm kid turned chemical engineer turned humanitarian worker. Graduating with a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Alberta, he spent the next 4 years doing field engineering in the water and wastewater sector.

In 2008, he took leave of absence from engineering to go abroad with MSF and he has been involved with the organization ever since. First in logistics and then as a project coordinator, he has completed 6 field assignments in Bangladesh, the Philippines, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Chad.

After returning from the field, Grant remained active with MSF and served on the Board of Directors from 2014 to 2016. Most recently, he has joined the MSF Canada Management team in Toronto as the Deputy Executive Director.

Buy One Get One Free at the Annex Chipotle!

Looking for a place to eat before the concert? Our sponsor Chipotle is offering a buy one get one free deal to all ticket holders at their 501 Bloor St. West location from the 8th to the 15th! Just show your ticket to the cashier.

Join our corporate sponsors to support MSF!

These corporate sponsors have donated generously to support the 2017 Music Without Borders campaign. We invite you to join them in supporting MSF! 

"The Karen Millar Team"—Royal LePage Signature Realty

Kocsis Engineering Inc.

Timothy Chan, Chartered Accountant

Marnac Development Corp.

Umbrella of Hope

It is raining and the colours of the rain represent all the hardship, suffering, happiness and emotions people have experienced. Under the umbrella (MSF), people come together despite their differences to mend and unite.

— by HY Chan